A Chinese delegation visits rice cultivation fields in Spain managed with EDYPRO's biotechnology

Date: 10-07-2019

A Chinese delegation formed by four representatives of the Tianjin Tianlong Group company, located in the north of this country, has visited agricultural areas of Valencia and Delta del Ebro (Tarragona).

The Chinese company has known EDYPRO´s biotechnological solutions and their effectiveness through French farmers who are obtaining optimal results in their crops managed through EDYPRO´s biotechnology. In the area of ??Camargue (France) there is a problem of soil contamination with Arsenic, and through the use of this biotechnology they have managed to reduce the presence of this chemical element in the milled rice to 0. The Chinese company aims to achieve the same goal.

The prospecting was carried out in field visits in the rice cultivation area of ??Pinedo (Valencia) and Delta del Ebro (Tarragona), they were also shown farms of Persimmons in Alginet, Citrus with complex varieties in the area of ??Les Valls and ecological tomatoes in the interior of Castellón, in all cases managed with the company´s biotechnology.

The general manager of the company, who is an expert in the cultivation of rice and belongs to a family of rice tradition "highlighted the capacity of root system development in rice crops treated with our biotechnological products and that are the basis of a crop with high productive potential ", explains the Sales and Marketing Directos of EDYPRO Biotechnology, Arina Vovk.

The objective of this delegation is to apply the company´s biotechnology on degraded and contaminated soils without harming the quality of the food. In addition to increasing the yield of their varieties to be able to supply an increasingly growing domestic market.

World power in rice

The Chinese market produces an average of about 30,000,000 hectares of rice with an average yield that can be improved. There are worldwide rice areas with soil problems due to arsenic contamination such as China or the Camargue area in France. This fact supposes a ballast for the agriculturalists since this chemical element assimilates by the plants and accumulates in the grains.

At present, there are restrictions on the level of presence of this element in rice for human consumption and there are food categories whose levels of heavy metals admitted is 0.

For Arina Vovk, the visit of this delegation "shows the international interest that our company awakens as an expert in the management of rice cultivation with biotechnology. And it is an honor to transfer our experience to a qualified company as Tianjin Tianlong Group is, that represents firms dedicated to the development of varieties of crops and manufacture of mineral fertilizers and that has a large research team in variety genetics to achieve the maximum productivity in a safe and sustainable way in their rice crops ".


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