EDYPRO biotechnology

specialists in rice crop

EDYPRO biotechnology is a Spanish company dedicated to an investigation, development and production of biotechnological fertilizers for its use in Vanguard Agriculture. Since its foundation in 1996, EDYPRO has stayed faithful to a work formula based on the pursuit of quality in all its processes

This quality, transferred to the biotechnological fertilizer sector, manifests itself through the management and control of all departments of the company. Starting with the basis of the work on a product, in the research laboratory, through the design of the new product, getting finally to its consumption, EDYPRO works to obtain the best possible results in the cultures of our customers.

Always bearing in mind the constant evolution of agriculture, EDYPRO has developed a range of products which are respectful to the environment and at the same time, show high agricultural performance.

With our program RICE PRODUCTION IN PRECISION AGRICULTURE, we work in all rice-production zones of Spain, in Italy, France and Portugal.


In EDYPRO we work on the key success factors in rice cultivation:

  • Good assimilation of the fertilizers provided.
  • Activation and standardization of seed germination.
  • Stimulation of the productive factors of the genome of the plant through RNA.
  • Optimization of pollen fertility and filling of the panicle.
  • Optimal control of rice diseases: Pyricularia and Helminthosporium.


Thanks to the daily effort, experience and perseverance, and the loyalty of our customers and suppliers, we have been rewarded with the recognition of important institutions, which have granted us the following distinctions:

distinctions EDYPRO