EDYPRO will present its biotechnological solutions for rice crop in Fiera in Campo 2019

Date: 11-02-2019

EDYPRO Biotechnology will present its biotechnological solutions for the cultivation of rice in the Fiera in Campo 2019 held in Vercelli (Italy). The event, which will take place from 22 to 24 February, will take place in Vercelli, the rice capital of the country, and has become the benchmark event for the sector.

The Valencian company has been working in the Italian market for several years and will take advantage of its presence at the fair to publicize its specific products for rice and soybean crops: COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN PlusROOT RICEEDYFRUIT ARROZSOJA CUAJE and SOJA ENGORDE. Also will be presented the results we receive in the fields, through the experiences of farmers who are already using our biotech products.

It is the first time that EDYPRO participates in this event in Italy, although until now it has been holding workshops or demonstrations in the field through local collaborators. Currently, the firm distributes products in the country for the cultivation of rice, soybeans, wheat, tomatoes and onions.

The Italian market has a great interest for EDYPRO due to its agricultural potential. It is the largest rice producer in the European continent and highly values ??the quality of the crops. As explained by Arina Vovk, EDYPRO export manager, "the Italian producers that already work with our products have a high valuation of the results offered by our biotechnology, so we hope that this event will help us to contact more farmers and technicians and expand our portfolio of clients and distributors".


EDYPRO was founded in 1996 by Vicente Puchol in Foios (Valencia). The company is dedicated to the study, development and production of biotechnological fertilizers of high agronomic performance for future agriculture.

Currently the firm has two laboratories, two factories and three experimental fields and has a presence in the national market, as well as in Portugal, France and Italy.


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