Interview with Albert Grassot, co-owner of Arròs l'Estany de Pals SCP

Date: 12-04-2019

Albert Grassot is, together with his wife, the soul of Arròs l´Estany de Pals; a small firm, located in the Baix Empordà on the Costa Brava, which grows and packs rice by combining modern techniques, growing and harvesting, with artisanal methods in the preparation and packaging.

  • Since when have you been working with EDYPRO?

I do not know exactly, but about 8 or 9 years.

  • Your way of growing rice is peculiar. How does EDYPRO and its products fits with it?

All our cultivation area is within the natural park and therefore we are very careful with everything that we apply in the rice fields, we make a crop of 0 residue, and a small part certified as organic production. This is where we are sure that the help of EDYPRO products fully meet all our demands.

We cultivate, elaborate and package the rice monovarietally, that is, we do not mix. We offer our customers different varieties with unique organoleptic characteristics, which provide great quality when cooking different dishes.

  • Is this type of production competitive?

Differentiate and enhance a local and basic product such as rice is not easy. Only when you are able to make a high quality rice you can succeed in your project. Here EDYPRO´s products have always been of great help to us.

  • What makes L´Estany de Pals different from other rices?

It is a tasty rice, which absorbs very well the stir-fry and the broths when cooked, which holds the cooking very well, and does not pass.

By offering different varieties, all monovarietal, our customer chooses which variety is more suitable for the dish you want to cook, having the certainty that all the grains of the package are cooked at the same time, they will absorb the same broth, etc., so you will have more success on your plate ...

NOTE: We at EDYPRO attest to this, because we have tried them several times, and we consider the Nembo by Arros L´Estany de Pals to be the best rice for seafood paella.

  • Which EDYPRO products do you use the most?

In the rice we have tried them all, but normally we use ROOT RICEEDYFRUIT ARROZMELASTOPPODIUM ARROZ and RICE VIGOR.

  • Which EDYPRO´s product has surprised you, why?

RICE VIGOR. One year we had the Bomba rice deseased and there was no way to get it pull off. Vicente visited us and advised us to apply RICE VIGOR and the result was surprising. It not only get up, but we had a good harvest.

  • Is there any treatment of EDYPRO than marked for you a clear Before and After? 

When you try EDYPRO´s products you realize that they are an important aid in the cultivation, with any of them there is a Before and After ...

For example, with ROOT RICE. The germination of the grain is very important and this product helps you to make it faster and more efficient, ensuring a high level of germination.

  • What makes you trust EDYPRO?

Like all farmers, at first you doubt the effectiveness, but you by yourself realize and appreciate the results. Vicente is a great expert and passionate in the cultivation of rice and a person who knows how to treat and advise to farmers. Just talking to him is already one more step to rice wisdom.

I hope to have helped brothers of culture, or simply that sharing what helps us to make our passion for this culture is our way of living ... Thank you very much.


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