Biotechnological "insurance" for the production of rice Bomba

The variety of rice Bomba that is cultivated mainly in the areas of Valencia, Delta del Ebro and Extremadura has its complexity due to its tendency to over-vegetate which damages production and due to its sensitivity to fungal diseases. However, farmers who have specialized in this variety and know how to regulate fertilization without causing excessive vegetation and carry out an exhaustive control of diseases, manage to obtain good yields.

In EDYPRO we have more than 10 years of experience using EDYFRUIT ARROZ in the Bomba variety to regulate the plant and achieve a balanced vegetative development that leads to increased production.

In the following images taken on July 12, in the area of ​​Delta del Ebro, you can see one of the Bomba rice plots treated with EDYFRUIT ARROZ, associated with the 1st herbicide treatment.

You can notice the excellent uniformity of the crop, a well-developed root system, the thick and healthy stem. The plants that are already in panicle initiation stage have an acceptable height that demonstrates a good productive potential of the plants.