COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus in rice crop

Extremadura is characterized, especially in Vegas Altas, by having plots with salty soil in a part of them and rice plants have difficult development and productivity.

For this difficulty EDYPRO recommends applications of COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus in the area of salty soil and then verify the results.

In the following images of hybrid rice variety CL XL745 we can see the plants in the area treated with COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus before sawing compared to the top of the plot left without applying the product.

To verify the agronomic efficacy of the product we have realized leaf analyzes that determine the level of nitrogen in leaf and the following results are obtained:

Treated 2,68% N

Control  2,54% N

As we can see COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus increases the cation exchange and makes better use of fertilizers applied to generate an evolutionary improvement in the crop. The plant has prolongateing life and is gets maximum filling of its panicle.