Optimizing fertilization COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus applied pre-seeding

Every day is better known the usefulness of applying slow release fertilizers that allow the plants to assimilate required nitrogen to the extent that they need it according to their vegetative development.

Nitrogen assimilation is determined by soil fertility and high capacity of cation exchange of the clay-humic complex. From EDYPRO we recommend applying COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus pre-seeding to increase the cation exchange capacity, restore the C / N, increase the efficiency of nitrogen in the soil, facilitating its progressive transformations for the plants assimilate it according to their needs and improve transformation and decomposition of organic matter into humus and nutrients.

Below we show the excellent results achieved in Portugal.

  1. The farm in Benavente area. Variety Sirio CL.

In the following picturescan be appreciated the high level of chlorophyll containing the treated fields and at the same time specific analyzes confirm us nitrogen levels in the treated area and control:

Treated N=3,14%

Control N=2,77%

  1. The farm in Alcácer do Sal area. Variety CL 26.

In the following picturesyou can see the high level of chlorophyll in the leaves of treated plants, thicker trunk and healthier root system with new white roots that allow better assimilation of nutrients provided. As well specific analyzes confirm us nitrogen levels in the treated area and contol:

Treated N=3,09%

Control N=2,73%

COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN Plus applied pre-seeding results in an excellent soil fertility and allows significant savings in top dressing.