This treatment with the of EDYPRO´s biotechnology has been carried out in the experimental field of italian seed company Bertone Sementi, where the performance of the rice Arpa variety treated with EDYFRUIT ARROZ has been verified.

The improvements and results that have been obtained with this treatment are:

-The uniformity. It is one of the most positive features that this biotechnological solution provides. Both, the height and maturation level of the panicle show greater uniformity with respect to the control plot.

-The crop in the treated plot is much healthier than in the untreated plots.

- The number of seeds and panicle length. The number of seeds per panicle in the area treated with EDYFRUIT ARROZ is considerably higher (the average increase in the number of grains per spike is 18%). Because of this, the harvest forecast is much higher.

In addition, after these improvements and results the field technician of the company notes:

-A very positive results with an increase of yield that is already visible in the plot treated with EDYFRUIT ARROZ.

-Healthier stage of plants and grains treated, that in present context when phytosanitary active materials are being limited and reduced within the EU, it is very important to assure the viability and yield of the rice crop for the farmer to develop sustainable agriculture.

-With EDYFRUIT ARROZ, the plants have also swown a greater capacity to recover after phytosanitary treatments, especially herbicides.


See the detailed explanation of Gabriele Orasen, the geneticist of Bertone Sementi in this video.