ROOT RICE - For a better emergence



Input for organic farming certified by the C.A.A.E. certification service.



ROOT RICE belongs to a new generation of specific nutrients, for Zero Waste agriculture and is the essential base for high performance and avoid the lack of emergence and rooting. Its incorporation improves the germination in adverse weather conditions caused by low temperatures and other unfavorable climatic conditions, as for example the lack of light. 

ROOT RICE is specially designed to standardize and uniform germination of seeds, shortening the time of germination and rooting of the rice plant.

ROOT RICE promotes the germination of the seed´s genoplasm by activating and unifying its establishment as a plant.

In its action it standardizes the vegetative development of the crop in its first phases. Therefore, the application of ROOT RICE is essential in the PRECISION AGRICULTURE.



  • ROOT RICE requires a 20% reduction in the volume of seed / ha. to avoid excessive density of plants per m2.
  • Optimizes the energetic capacity of the seed´s germplasm.
  • Promotes the germination under adverse weather conditions caused by law temperatures and other unfavorable climatic factors such as the lack of light.
  • ROOT RICE provides a rapid and great development of the root system that allows plants to be fixed to the ground without being affected by winds (which just pulls many plants and prevents its establishment).
  • With the rapid germination the plot is covered in a few days and waterfowls stop seeing the water, tending to pass over the applied areas.
  • In early sowings with ROOT RICE plants´ rapid development is achieved and when comes the time Chironomidae attacks, the plant is already in an advanced growth stage without the risk of being attacked.
  • ROOT RICE is the most effective way to increase performance and production in rice cultivation, and if combined with EDYFRUIT ARROZ increases very significant crop´s physiological improvements.

IMPORTANT: Applying ROOT RICE provides a continuous and constant root and leaf development of the rice plant, reaching a similar to weeds´ growth. It allows us to anticipate the application of the first herbicides to control weeds in an early stage. It also ensures that the rice plant supports better the phytotoxicity caused by herbicides that can destroy the part of the root system.



ROOT RICE may be applied on dry seed or in pregerminated seed.

 - Dry seed: ROOT RICE can be applied directly on the seed with an equipment for seed treatments anicipating the treatment a few weeks from the date of sowing, maximum 8 weeks (being more efficient when next is to the sowing date).

It is very important the good smearing of the seed. The dose per kilogram of seed equals 10 c.c. If because of seed´s law humidity during the application a part of seeds remain without product, ROOT RICE must be dissolved with 25% of water (250 c.c. of water per every L of ROOT RICE).

- In pregerminated seedROOT RICE must be applied in the water of pregermination (avoid water excess which decreases product´s efficiency). In this case:

  • Prepare the necessary water for soaking seeds.
  • Apply 1 L of ROOT RICE for each 100 kg. of seed that will be pregerminated.
  • Shake until its complete homogenization before seed soaking, if it is possible place the recirculation pump in the container.
  • Add the seed and let it soak 24 h. (optimum and maximum time of pregermination is 24 hours).

Under no circumstances must exceed 24 hours., in case of any unforesees and not be able to sow seeds in 24 h, is essential to soak with circulating water (river, channel,..; never in standing water or with products) to activate germination.


Apply ROOT RICE at the rate of 1 L. per 100 Kg. of seed.



Liquid mixture of micronutrientes Boron (B), Manganese (Mn) y Zinc (Zn)

Boron (B) water soluble ................. 0.2% w/w (0.26% w/v)

Manganese (Mn) water soluble ..... 0.6% w/w (0.78% w/v)

Zinc (Zn) water soluble ................. 1.2% w/w (1.56% w/v)



Density: 1.3 kg / L

pH 5



 Comparation of rice plants treated with ROOT RICE and Control

Comparation of rice plants treated with ROOT RICE and Control

Comparation of rice plants treated with ROOT RICE and Control

Comparation of rice plants treated with ROOT RICE and Control

Comparation of rice plants treated with ROOT RICE and Control

Comparation of rice plants treated with ROOT RICE and Control

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