Excellent reception of EDYPRO products in Fiera in Campo (Italy)

Date: 28-02-2019

EDYPRO participated on February 22, 23 and 24 in the 42nd edition of the Fiera In Campo held in Vercelli (Italy). It was the first participation of the company in this event, a meeting point for rice producers from all over Europe.

Due to the proximity of the beginning of the crop cycle of many cereal crops, vine, vegetables and fruits; the event is very useful for technicians and farmers to know the innovations of the sector on varietal variability, agrochemical and biotechnological solutions, technology and machinery.

There were three products that highlited especially in the EDYPRO stand: COUPÉ REGENERACIÓN PLUSROOT RICE y EDYFRUIT ARROZ. The visitors were able to see first-hand the benefits that intelligent biotechnology brings to their crops and the results obtained, through samples that were exhibited at the stand.

The company enjoyed an excellent reception by farmers, as well as by other companies exhibiting in the sector. As Arina Vovk, EDYPRO export manager, points out, "the fair has served to welcome the current distributors from different countries, as well as to establish business relationships with new potential distributors in other areas of Italy. In addition, it has been very rewarding to be able to enjoy the results obtained by farmers with our products, since their satisfaction is our best reward."

After participating in this event, the technical director of EDYPRO has transferred a new challenge to the research team: the search solutions for very poor soils that lose their capacity for plant development and become unproductive lands, a problem that every year It becomes more present on the planet.


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