Stimulation of seed germination and establishment of plants


ROOT RICE is a product specially designed to standardize and uniform germination of seeds, shortening the time of germination and rooting of the rice plant.

Applying ROOT RICE is essential for high performance and avoid lack of rootedness base.


ROOT RICE is registered as Certification Service CAAE product suitable for organic farming.




  • Optimizes energy capacity genoplasma seed.
  • It helps germination under adverse weather conditions caused by lack of temperature and other factors unfavorable weather, for example, the lack of light.
  • ROOT RICE provides a rapid and great development of the root system that allows plants to be fixed to the ground without being affected by winds (which just pulling many plants and preventing establishment of these).
  • With the rapid development of germination is covered in a few days the culture surface and stop seeing water, waterfowl tend not to stand in the applied areas.
  • In early plantings with ROOT RICE it is achieved rapid development and when the time comes attacks chironomid plant is already in an advanced growth stage and off risk these attacks.
  • ROOT RICE is the most effective way to increase performance and production in rice cultivation base, and if it's combined with EDYFRUIT ARROZ, increases very importantly physiological crop improvement.


ROOT RICE application provides a continuous and constant root and leaf development of the rice plant, reaching a similar level weeds. This allows us to anticipate the application of the first herbicides to control weeds in an early stage. It also ensures that the rice plant better support phytotoxicity herbicides that cause the immune system that ends up destroying part of the root system.


Mode and dose:

1. Dry, with machine seed treatments.

2. In water Pre-germinated (maximum 24 hours of soaking).


Dose: 1 L./100 kg.of seed.


Below we show the results of farmers who are aplicacando ROOT RICE in their fields.



Italy area. Cerere variety, planted on April 27th. At 15 days after planting dry, the seeds treated with ROOT RICE have a greater root development.


Tarragona. Germinating rice with a very advanced state and treated with  ROOT RICE.