ROOT RICE in Italy 2015

Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe, with large areas of cultivation.

In recent years, EDYPRO is present in these Italian lands, applying its biotechnology products adapted to rice.

Below are images of the excellent results obtained in 2015 are shown by ROOT RICE applications in different fields of rice variety Cerere in several towns in the rice-growing region of northern Italy, together with the assessments and comments made by farmers owners of the land.


PLOT 1 - Location of Casalbeltrame (Novara province). With ROOT RICE applications, there has been greater germination energy and continued development in the first 30 days.

Then it begins to see a marked improvement and a great uniformity in plants.



PLOT 2 - Location Trino (Vercelli province). With ROOT RICE applications has obtained a better start and faster development in the early stages of the ground speed.



PLOT 3 -  Location of Borgo Vercelli (Vercelli province). With ROOT RICE applications have seen a better and faster root development, especially in dry-seeded rice, "in line buried."



PLOT 4 - Location of Velasco (Vercelli province). With ROOT RICE applications have seen a further development of the plant in the early stages, a better root system and in the tillering stage, the stems of the children had the same level as the stalk of the mother plant in a very early stage.