Spectacular development of rice Gleva treated ROOT RICE

The good start of rice cultivation is so important to the good performance of the plant in each phenological stage as well as for crop management in general, e.g. for weed control just by subtracting the productive potential of the plot.


This year in Delta del Ebro area with its difficult climatic conditions for good emergence of rice, we have seen improvements in plants treated with ROOT RICE compared to control in the primary stages, when we value:

  • The uniformity of the emergence and development of the plants,
  • The rapid development of root system,
  • The number of plants emerged and established per surface.


In the images below of some plots of rice Gleva in Delta del Ebro area you can see some important differences in plots treated with ROOT RICE compared to control.

  1. The higher level of chlorophyll in the leaves (more intense green color) that confirms the better assimilation of nutrients and better use of fertilizers used.

  1. Las plantas tratadas se ven más fuertes y con mayor vigor, para poder llegar al final de la fase de llenado del grano con bastante energía.

  1. By covering more quicklythe area cultivated in the plot treated with ROOT RICE is noticed better control of weeds and the crop is more uniform.

ROOT RICE is the best solution to assure a perfect emergence of rice crop and thus have the basis for an excellent yield!