Treatments to improve the rice quality in productive phase

Date: 23-07-2019

The heading stage is the most exciting moment of the crop cycle, because you can already value the fruit of the work done.

At the same time, the guard must be maintained to end the cultivation cycle with rice of excellent quality, avoiding losing the productive potential due to fungal attacks or insufficient level of fertile pollen (mainly due to climatic incidents at the time of spike formation).


This morning in the border zone of Valencia we have witnessed the rice treatments with Helicopter that applied PODIUM ARROZ + ULTRAZINC + MELASTOP.

PODIUM ARROZ avoids the inhibition of fungal spores on the vegetative mass and standardizes the maturation of the grains, improving the quality of the grain with this nutritious combination. ULTRAZINC increases the level of fertile pollen and enhances the filling of the spike.

With MELASTOP we get a perfect distribution of the broth and its penetration into the vegetable epidermis for the best effect of the accompanying products. It is of great importance to increase the effectiveness of fungicidal treatments.



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