The rice producer looks forward to the time of spiking in the rice to begin to see the fruit of his work and effort throughout the year.

But this time is one of the most delicate, because the rice plant is susceptible to climatic and environmental factors that affect the sterility of pollen and / or the potential for filling the grains.

For example, low nocturnal temperatures at the time of spike formation causes pollen sterility, increasing% empty grains and directly reducing production.

From EDYPRO we offer the biotechnological solution that improves the fertility of the pollen and enhances the rate of filling of the grains, increasing the weight of the spikes and reducing the% of incomplete grains, uniforming the maturation of the grains in the spike:

PODIUM ARROZ 2.5 L. / ha.

ULTRAZINC           2 L. / ha.

MELASTOP      300 c.c. / ha.

This combination has proved its effectiveness and is applied in different rice areas of Spain, Portugal, etc.


On August 3 we have witnessed the 2nd treatment with this combination in the rice fields of Valencia and here we leave the photos and video that demonstrate the quality of the plant at this time.


The plants have been able to respond thanks to our treatment we did last July 20 and the recovery of the crop is great.