Rice crop recovery before bolting


Last July 21 in Italy our Technical Director have visited a rice farm that has suffered from temperature drops and sensitivity in the immune system.

In the following photo you can see as we found the crop in our visit. 


Our Thecnical Director have recommended to nadle 2 treatments with PODIUM ARROZ + ULTRAZINC MELASTOP in order to:

- restore expressly the levels of Zinc in the crop,

- contribute to the formation of panicles with high level of fertile pollen, 

- promote fertilization of the panicles and the rapid filling of the grains, 

- uniform the grain filling and its maturation. 


In the following photos taken 7 days after the 1st treatment you can see what change the crop has taken.


The perfect combination of:
has been the reason for the excellent behavior change in the crop and as you can see we have saved the crop that the farmer considered lost.


 Take advantage of our biotechnology solutions to optimize the productive potential of your rice crop.